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Drivers unloading waste at the Front Range Landfill can encounter or create hazardous situations if they fail to follow basic safety rules. At the landfill, please follow these guidelines to keep yourself and others around you out of harm’s way.

Please watch our Front Range Landfill Safety Video and remember:

Turn Cell Phone Off
From the time you enter the landfill to the time you leave, cell phones must be turned off. Just as they do for all drivers, cell phones create a distraction away from the equipment and people at the landfill.

Wear Safety Vest
All drivers must wear a safety vest while at the landfill. If a driver doesn’t have a safety vest, one will be provided at the scale house.

15 MPH Speed Limit
When you enter the landfill, please proceed with caution and obey the 15 mph speed limit. Signs will point you to your location around the landfill and will direct you to the area for your vehicle type. And remember, numerous trucks navigate the landfill each day so stay aware of your surroundings, drive the speed limit, and watch the signs to prevent unnecessary confusion.

Watch for Vehicles
The dumping area is the busiest area at the landfill. Landfill equipment operators are always watching for vehicles and activity but everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings.

Unload in Sequence
Find an open spot where no equipment is operating and dump along the edge of the working face from one side to the other. Known as the “typewriter process” this allows working machines to stay away from the trucks dumping.

Don’t Create Blind Spot
When dumping, don’t create a potentially hazardous blind spot by alley docking your trailer. The landfill dumping areas provide ample room to turn trucks around to avoid this hazard.

Keep Vehicles 10 Feet Apart
Please allow at least 10 feet between vehicles to minimize risk when drivers exit their vehicles.

Allow a Safe Distance from End Dump Vehicles
If you are near an end dump vehicle, a safe distance between vehicles is the height of the trailer plus 5 feet. End dump drivers should stay in their vehicles with seat belts on and find a flat and even surface. While the landfill works to provide a good tipping service, pay attention while operating an end dump and if something doesn’t feel right, stop immediately. End dump drivers should also stop dumping if another driver pulls in beside them, and ask the driver to relocate to another area.

For everyone’s safety:

  • Never stand behind your load
  • Stay close to your vehicle
  • If you need to speak to someone, wait until you have left the dumping area
  • Scavenging in trash is not allowed
  • If inclement weather makes dumping at the landfill unsafe, staff will ask you to stay in your vehicle until it’s safe to dump

The staff at the landfill has been trained to provide a safe and efficient operation so please ask them any questions and follow their direction so the Front Range Landfill can remain a safe and efficient operation for the drivers and staff.


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